Charades and Alter present Function | Radio Slave | Tijana T

Mar 4, 2018 | Past Events


Returning once again to the Oxford Art Factory, in Sydney, we have teamed up with Alter to host a monstrous event with THREE international talents. There’s not many times where we will have the chance to host a club event with that many headliners so we are extremely excited to bring this to you.

Function (Ostgut Ton / Berghain / Panorama Bar) NYC
One of techno’s true underground heroes, Function, real name Dave Sumner has been DJing and making music for over 20 years. He is a founding member of the Sandwell District collective, Berghain resident, Ostgut recording artist and owner of Infrastructure New York.

Radio Slave (Official) (Rekkids) UK
Radio Slave – Perhaps Matt’s most instantly recognisable nom de guerre, thanks in part to his inspirational melding of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head to New Orders Blue Monday, this is Matt’s DJ moniker and the guise under which he completes his incendiary remixes and re-edits.

Tijana T Belgrade
Tijana T is a prominent figure in Belgrade music and club life. Since the early 00’s she’s been working on numerous influential TV and radio music programs. For years she was recognized as the face of Exit festival and since 2006 she has an international performing career which started with an exciting collaboration with Abe Duque. TT is a charismatic DJ with sophisticated selection of house and techno and slick mixing skills.

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