Harmonika Tour Date:

Friday 10th March | Monday 13th March, Babylon, Victorian Bushlands

Harmonika was created in 2007 by Hugo Lannes Castellan, he has been a musician since he was 9 years old, when he bought his first guitar. His first contact with electronic music was in 2007, at raves and private parties. In 2008 he joined the Conservatrio Brasileiro de Msica (Brazilian Music Conservatory), attending the course called Msica e Tecnologia (Music and Technology). Hugo has opened his mind, and started to focus on electronic music production, intending to work as a DJ and a music producer. Back in 2007 Harmonika used to be a fullon project, but in 2014 Hugo started to focus on producing Progressive Trance. His Live Act presents heavy and melodic musics, always trying to mix sub-styles of Progressive Trance: his tracks goes from 136bpm to 142bpm.