Space Dimension Controller

Mar 10, 2017 | Past Tours


Space Dimension Controller Tour Dates:

Friday 10th March, Babylon, Victorian Bushlands

Friday 17th March, Parallel / Haus Republic present Space Dimension Controller, JAM Gallery, Sydney

In the year 2257, Planet Earth was invaded by energy seeking aliens, the Pulsovians, sparking a galactic war that lasted years. Sadly, Pulsovian technology was much more advanced than that of the humans and Earth was lost, leaving them no choice but to flee into outer space.

It wasn’t until 2334 that Max Tiraquon discovered a distant planet in Mikrosector-50 that was suitable for human habitation. Shortly after its discovery, Max founded the Tiraquon SecurityCouncil and made Mr. 8040 Deputy Space Dimension Controller.

By day, they defend boundaries from astro bandits and rebels. By night, Mr. 8040 lives a secret life creating music using ancient earth technologies in his Electropod, then ventures deeper into space to uncharted colonies where music is accepted. He plays in illegal night clubs on distant moons and alien proto-spheres. When asked to describe his music, Mr. 8040 doesn’t have much to say. The only way to describe it is GALACTIC FUNK.