V.Falabella Tour Dates:


Sunday June 11th, Reconnect x Babylon Present Mandragora, Jacob & V.Falabella, RMH, Melbourne

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Sunday June 11th, PsyCandy x Babylon Present Mandragora, Jacob & V.Falabella, Candys Apartment, Sydney

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V.Falabella has been involved with the music business since 2003 working first as a DJ and producer in his hometown, and is one of the most important and recognized names of the national electronic scene and has maintained a constant presence at major events and clus around the world. With friend Max Grillo he founded Season Bookings Agency with acts such as Neelix, Perfect Stranger, Morton Granau, Liquid Soul, Fabio & Moon, Interactive Noise and many more. He is a regular on the worldwide festival circuit and has monster tracks such as his colab with Neelix ‘ROLLERCOASTER’ and with Fabio & Moon ‘PASSENGER’.